Heroclix Calendar for February 2016

Monday Night Scenarios – South Side

February 1  Preleases or Batman Superman or  100 point Playoffs.  Each player brings 3 different figures between 75 to 100 points.  During the first hour and a half, players will alternate between these figures to decide which one goes to the Playoffs.  During this time player will play as many games as they can.  The figure with he best record out of the 3 you bring will be you “playoff figure.”  The last hour will be the playoffs: single elimination, bracket system.

February 8  400 point Modern age

February 15  Cupid Tryouts   400 point Plastic age:  Teams must have an archer on their team.

February 22  1000 point Golden age, anything goes.  Remember house limit of 5 actions.

February 29  Leap Year  300 point modern age.  All characters must have leap/climb somewhere on the dial.

Friday Events for Jay’s at Valley West Mall
7:30pm – 11:00pm

February 5th – 400 Point Modern

February 12th – World’s Finest Booster Draft ($11.00)

February 19th – 500 Point Silver age Marvel vs DC

  • Your team must contain either all DC or all Marvel (this includes relics and resources)

February 26th – Leap Year 300 Point Plastic

  • Every member on your team must have at lease one click of leap climb.
Jay’s CD & Hobby HeroClix Ages Defined:

Golden Age: Any Character, Feat, Object, Resource Dial, or Battlefield Condition are allowed.

Plastic Age (aka: Golden Age Restricted): Any character and standard objects. No ATAs, Battlefields, Feats, Special Objects, Entities, Bystanders or Resource Dials are allowed.

Silver Age:  All characters, objects and Resource Dials from Legion of Super Heroes forward are allowed. No Battlefields or Feats are allowed.

Modern Age:  As of July 1, 2014 – All characters, objects and Resource Dials from Marvel 10th Anniversary & DC 10th Anniversary forward are allowed. No Battlefields or Feats are allowed.

No Tactics:  Can be added to any age.  No Tactics means: No Feats, No Battlefields, No Bystanders, No ATA’s, No Theme Team Bonuses, No Relics, No Entities and No Special Objects are allowed