Heroclix Calendar for January 2016

Monday Night Scenarios – South Side

January 4  Christmas is over, be naughty:  400 point Modern age.  Teams must consist of all villains.

January 11  300 point modern age.

January 18  400 point Plasic age:  Winter White out: NO RANGE ATTACKS, NO TARGETING THAT REQUIRES RANGE OR LINE OF FIRE.

January 25  500 point Silver age.

Friday Events for Jay’s at Valley West Mall
7:30pm – 11:00pm

January 8th – Out with the old and in with the new.

  • 800 Points Modern
  • All figures, resources and relics must have come out in 2015

January 15th – Frienemies – 500 Silver Age

  • Your Team must contain a hero and their arch nemesis (Batman/Joker and etc…)

January 22nd – I am not dead yet – 300 Plastic Age

  • Your figures when KO’d are placed on their last non-KO click and click backwards until KO’d Again

January 29th – 1000 point GOLDEN AGE (Yes Feats and Battlefields are allowed).

Jay’s CD & Hobby HeroClix Ages Defined:

Golden Age: Any Character, Feat, Object, Resource Dial, or Battlefield Condition are allowed.

Plastic Age (aka: Golden Age Restricted): Any character and standard objects. No ATAs, Battlefields, Feats, Special Objects, Entities, Bystanders or Resource Dials are allowed.

Silver Age:  All characters, objects and Resource Dials from Legion of Super Heroes forward are allowed. No Battlefields or Feats are allowed.

Modern Age:  As of July 1, 2014 – All characters, objects and Resource Dials from Marvel 10th Anniversary & DC 10th Anniversary forward are allowed. No Battlefields or Feats are allowed.

No Tactics:  Can be added to any age.  No Tactics means: No Feats, No Battlefields, No Bystanders, No ATA’s, No Theme Team Bonuses, No Relics, No Entities and No Special Objects are allowed