Heroclix Calendar for October 2015

Monday Night Scenarios – South Side

Monday Oct. 5– 400 point Modern Age

Monday Oct. 12– “The Walking Dead”  500 point Plastic age.

  • When a Character is KO’d, instead of removing it form the game, set it to clix 3.  The characters now have battle fury, exploit weakness, steal energy, side step, and toughness= these are their only powers..  KO’d figures have also have the Underworld team ability.
  • KO’d figures can be given free actions, move actions, and attack actions during each players turn. These actions count toward you action pool.  KO’d characters can be healed past click 3 using steal energy.

  • No points are awarded if this character is KO’d a second time, remove character from the map.

Monday Oct. 19–  “Scream Queens” 300 point Silver Age.

  • Monsters get +1 to attack and Damage.
  • Female characters evade attacks on a roll of 4-6 (because they have to last until the end of the movie).

Monday Monday Oct. 26– “Full Moon Fever”

  • At the beginning of each players turn roll a D6
  • Result of a 5 or 6, players team looses all of their printed powers and team abilities.  Instead they get Shape Change, Super senses, charge, and blades claws fangs, and stealth.

Friday Events for Jay’s at Valley West Mall
7:30pm – 11:00pm

Friday Friday Oct. 9th– Random Powers


  • 500 Point Silver Age
  • At the beginning of each round 2 dice will roll, one gives a random power, the other takes one away.


Friday Oct. 16th– Heavy Metal Bash – $12.50

  • 400 Point Plastic + Age of Ultron Booster Draft
  • All characters on your 400 point force must have the robot, armor keyword or be Iron Maiden Clicks (Get the Pun)
  • You add your drafted force to your 400 point team.
  • All players get LE’s and other prizes.

 Friday Oct. 23rd– I need Back-up

  • 300 Point Modern/300 Retired
  • You start with your 300 point modern when they are KO’d, bring in your retired force
  • No Resources, you may have one relic per force.

Friday Oct. 30th– Night of the Walking Dead

  • 400 Point Plastic Age
  • Zombies start in the center of the map and each round move a random direction.
  • All Zombies must attack any character they are adjacent to.
  • All Zombies can use – Poison, Precision Strike, Exploit Weakness, Battle Fury and Placisity
  • Any KO’d character is put on their last KO click and joins the Zombie Horde
  • Zombies CANNOT BE KO’d or damaged
  • You win by Surviving the horde and KOing your Opponent.
Jay’s CD & Hobby HeroClix Ages Defined:

Golden Age: Any Character, Feat, Object, Resource Dial, or Battlefield Condition are allowed.

Plastic Age (aka: Golden Age Restricted): Any character and standard objects. No ATAs, Battlefields, Feats, Special Objects, Entities, Bystanders or Resource Dials are allowed.

Silver Age:  All characters, objects and Resource Dials from Legion of Super Heroes forward are allowed. No Battlefields or Feats are allowed.

Modern Age:  As of July 1, 2014 – All characters, objects and Resource Dials from Marvel 10th Anniversary & DC 10th Anniversary forward are allowed. No Battlefields or Feats are allowed.

No Tactics:  Can be added to any age.  No Tactics means: No Feats, No Battlefields, No Bystanders, No ATA’s, No Theme Team Bonuses, No Relics, No Entities and No Special Objects are allowed