Heroclix Calendar for September 2015


You must have played in one of the first 3 event to qualify for the grand prize, but there will be lots of great prizes for everyone regardless of prior participation.

Monday Night Scenarios – South Side

Monday Sept. 7 No clix due to holiday

Monday Sept. 14 Helicarrier battle: 300 point Plastic age + 200 point reinforcements

  • Build a 300 point team consisting of Hydra or SHIELD characters and a 200 point team of reinforcements of shield or hydra generics.
  • Event will be played on shield Helicarrier map.
  • If a player’s team is eliminated, player will deploy 200 point reinforcements.

Monday Sept. 21 “Need to see your ID”  500 point Modern Age.

  • Each player may create an ID card using “setup” and “call in help” instructions.
  • Cost of this ID card is 5 points.

Monday Monday Sept. 28 Yu-Gi-Oh event 1000 points Plastic age.(5 actions total)

  •  Players can use an action from their action pool to draw a “Yu-Gi-Oh” card. Cards give bonuses to player.
  • “Yu-Gi-Oh” cards are classic cards rewritten by Adam Herd to fit the Heroclix Game.
  • Prize will be Exodia The Forbidden One.

Friday Events for Jay’s at Valley West Mall
7:30pm – 11:00pm

Friday Friday Sept. 4 No clix due to holiday

Friday Sept. 11 – Celebrate Heroes

  • 400 Point Plastic Age
  • Your force must be made up of cops, soldiers and Spies

 Friday Sept. 18th – Team Up

  • 300 Point Modern
  • Every Player will be paired up with a partner

Friday Sept. 25th – 800 Point Silver Age (No Colossal Figures or Team Bases)

Friday October 2nd – Never Ending Battle Plastic Age

  • Each Player will build a 300 point team
  • When your entire team is KO’d, Return them to your starting area and add another 100 points to your build.
  • Keep doing this until time is up.  The winner is the team with the most points KO’d, special prize to the player with the lowest current build.


Jay’s CD & Hobby HeroClix Ages Defined:

Golden Age: Any Character, Feat, Object, Resource Dial, or Battlefield Condition are allowed.

Plastic Age (aka: Golden Age Restricted): Any character and standard objects. No ATAs, Battlefields, Feats, Special Objects, Entities, Bystanders or Resource Dials are allowed.

Silver Age:  All characters, objects and Resource Dials from Legion of Super Heroes forward are allowed. No Battlefields or Feats are allowed.

Modern Age:  As of July 1, 2014 – All characters, objects and Resource Dials from Marvel 10th Anniversary & DC 10th Anniversary forward are allowed. No Battlefields or Feats are allowed.

No Tactics:  Can be added to any age.  No Tactics means: No Feats, No Battlefields, No Bystanders, No ATA’s, No Theme Team Bonuses, No Relics, No Entities and No Special Objects are allowed