Tryanid Invasion 2015

Warhammer 40K scenario event – Nidvasion 2015
Sunday August 16th
Starts @ 11:30 goes until the Scenario ends
Free event

Location: Discarius, outer rim planet
Habitat: classified
Date: 744.M39
Popular: 300

A distress signal was received from a classified installation on Discarius requesting immediate evacuation for key individuals and 1 highly valuable asset. Further analysis reveals that an approaching Tyranid fleet that will soon overrun the entire planet and strip it of its biomass. The installations Grav Wave Generator is operation and will prevent any bombardments or flying creatures. But it cannot stop a land based assault. If this should fail the installations automated weapon batteries will buy you time to locate the asset and bring it back for further analysis. Above all the asset must remain in a controlled state and must not become agitated. Expect high casualties and be prepared for the unexpected.

Allied Defensive Force:

• Each player will have 1,750 pts with no units to be held in reserve in any manner.
• List may be unbound, 1 HQ is mandatory.
• 1 formation/dataslate per player
• 1 player may have a LoW that does not have an armor value.
• No super heavy flyers or gargantuan creatures allowed.
• No flyers allowed.
• Multiple named unique characters cannot be fielded.
• Allied matrix will not be in effect for this scenario.
• However if your army has preferred enemy(x) you must stay away 6″ or take an initiative test. Failed test means that you cannot shoot this round.
• Warlord traits affect only the specific chapter\race they are designated for. Meaning Space Marine traits cannot affect another chapter.

Additional information will be handed out 2 weeks prior to the event so that the teams can communicate and decide what they are fielding.

Any questions please post. Look forward to seeing the chaos unfold!

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