Warhammer 40k Kill Team


Models do not need to be painted in order to participate

Sunday July 19th, sign up will starts promptly at 12PM, with dice dropping at 12:30 sharp.


Kill Team Tournament Rules
Army Selection & Force Organization Charts:
Point total: 250 points
Force organization Chart:
0-1 Elite
0-2 Troops
0-1 Fast Attack
All units must meet unit size minimums and not exceed maximum upgrades
You may only take units that fit into the above organization slots.

Must include 4 non-vehicle models. (1 Leader 3 Specialists)

No Formations are permitted.

No Dataslates are permitted.

Eldar Flicker Fields trigger only ONCE per shooting phase.
No models with more than 3 Wounds or Hull points
Cannot include any vehicles with a combined Armor Value of more than 33
No Flyers or Flying Monstrous Creatures
No models with a 2+ Armor Save
No unique/named models/characters
No allies
No Forgeworld
No extra models may be generated during the game
One list for the tournament – Each player will provide a type out list listing all point for their fielded army.
All models must be WYSIWYG.

Leader Traits:
1. Tunnel Rat:
a. D3+2 non-vehicle models of your choice have the Outflank special rules
2. Death From Above:
a. Your Kill Team successfully Seizes the Initiative on a 5+ instead of 6
3. Medal of Honor:
a. You gain 1 additional Victory Point if your Leader slays the enemy Leader in a challenge.
4. Purple Heart:
a. Your Leader has a 4+ Feel No Pain
5. Been there, Seen It, Done It:
a. Your Leader can select a special rule from one of the Specialist Categories (see below), though this cannot be from the same category as any of your other Specialists.

Combat Weapons Dirty Fighter Indomitable Guerilla
Counter-Attack Ignores Cover Blind** Adamantium Will Fleet
Furious Charge Pinning* Concussive** Crusader Hit & Run
Hatred Sniper Fleshbane** Fearless Move Through Cover
Rampage Shred** Strikedown** Scout
Soul Blaze Stubborn Stealth

* Shooting Attack Only
** Close Combat Only

Table Setup & Deployment:
4’x3’ table
Divide table in quarters
Each model is considered a single unit
All models are scoring units, including vehicles unless specifically stated otherwise in their rules
(e.g. Death Company)
Brotherhood of Psykers has no effect in this game
No models may be deployed within 9” of the center of the table
No models may be left in reserves, ongoing reserves or deep strike reserves
Models may still use the Infiltrate universal special rule (if they have the rule)
but they may not outflank as this involves being placed in reserve
Roll to choose quarter, winner chooses
Winner deploys all their kill team
Other player then deploys in the opposing quarter, same restriction

First Turn:
• Second player may seize the initiative, as per the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

Victory Conditions:
Game Length is limited to 1 hour or 5 turns, whichever comes first.
The battle continues until one side has been reduced to half its starting models or less.

Break Test:
The player must then take a leadership test at the start of each of their turns; if they fail the test then they break and flee the table giving the opponent 1 victory point. Else the battle continues, but the player must take tests on all subsequent turns. In the event that both players must take break tests, the players whose turn it is takes the test first.
Special Rules:

Command Range:
Your leader has a Command Range of 6”. If your force is Broken and your leader passes his break test, all friendly models within his Command Range automatically pass their Break test.

Every Man For Himself:
All models operate as individual units, even if chosen as part of a squad. When models shoot or fight in combat they may split up their shots/attacks amongst any eligible targets.

Specialist Troopers:
Each player is allowed to pick up to 3 different models to benefit from one universal special rule (see above) in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. This is done as part of your army list and should be marked on the list. No one may take more than one special rule and no army may take the same rule more than once. Once you have used a rule, it cannot be take again for the remainder of the tournament.
No model may be given more than 1 universal special rule; pre-existing universal special rules are not counted in these allotments.

USRs, like swarms, must be well represented or cannot be used. An example for swarms would be an ork with a big shoota taking the swarm USR would be modelled as say 3 or more Orks all with big shootas climbing over each other trying to get the best shot on a base of at least 40mm in size.

Leader Traits:
These traits are one use only for your commander that is selected at the beginning of the game. Once a trait is used it cannot be used again. Choose wisely.

Victory Points and Definitions brake down:
1 point: slay the warlord, first blood, line breaker
1 point for each enemy model removed from play.
5 points: winning match


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