Warhammer 40k Fight Club

Warhammer 40k Fight Club

You’ve played Warhammer 40k, Apocalypse, Cities of Death, Planetstrike, maybe even Space Hulk but never 40K like this. Sure you think your awesome HQ is tough but how tough is he?


This is a Free Event that will take place on Sunday June 28th @ noon.  Bring your own dice, tape measure, tokens, rules books and a list of what upgrades your Champion has been equipped with.


  • The Character will be a single model without an armor value. By this the Character entering 40K Fight Club must have an armor save and have the Independent Character stat.
  • You may spend as many points for upgrades that are allowed by the codex rules for that Character.
  • You will not roll for a Warlord trait of any shape, form or kind.
  • Character must be from a HQ selection from any GW Codex book.
  • No Forgeworld models.
  • Lord of War Characters are not only allowed but encouraged!

Game Format:

  • Warhammer 40k Fight Club will consist of 3 rounds.
  • Each round will last until only one Character is standing.
  • Characters may not be held in reserve in any shape or form.
  • Characters will not Infiltrate or perform a Scout move.
  • At the start of Round one, all players will roll a D20 to determine where there Character will enter the Arena.
  • Once a Character has entered the arena the model will not be moved or re-deployed to another section of the arena. CHOOSE WISELY!
  • At the beginning of each turn players will roll a D20 to determine the turn order.
  • When your Character wounds reach “0”, he is removed from the current round until the next round. After being attending by the Apothecary your Character’s wounds are reset to full for the next match. When your Character has died THREE times, he has been sucked out of the Fight Club back into the normal 40K universe.
  • Your Character can not have any changes between matches. Once that Character enters the arena, he has what he has to fight with.
  • Chaos Gifts are re-set once that model has been removed from the match. The longer he lives, the stronger he can become. No re-rolls for Chaos gifts are permitted.
  • There will be no summoning of additional models.

Players turn:

  • Players will have FOUR action points to use during a turn. These points will be used for movement, shooting or attacks in close combat.
  • If a player wishes to move 6” (12” for jump infantry, Etc) One action point is used. If the player wishes to move double that distance, then two action points are used. This same logic applies to Shooting and Close Combat attacks. If you run out of points you wait until the next turn.
  • Players may perform Overwatch without using an Action Point. Overwatch can be performed multiple times until the model is engaged in Close Combat.
  • Declaring an assault does not consume an action point, but 2 dice are rolled for charge distance.

    Psychic Powers:
    • Each Player will have FOUR psychic dice for each round to use. Psychic powers can be manifested at any point during the players turn, but only one Deny the Witch can be performed by any player that still has a model in play. Using a Psychic power does not use an action point
    • Psychic powers still adhere to the each power casting requirements as stated in the BRB. There will be no summoning of additional models.

    Flying Monstrous Creatures:
    • The battle arena is confined and therefore any models shooting at a Flying Monstrous Creatures will use their full Ballistic Skill.

    • Monstrous Creatures are not allowed to fly out of the arena for any reason. Therefore if a Monstrous Creature turn ends at the edge of the Arena, the player must pivot the model a full 180 degrees and take a Grounding Test. This represents the model crashing into the wall and being stunned.

    • A Flying Monstrous Creatures does not have to fly in a straight path and may fly in any pattern up to it’s maximum distance.


  • This is a true clash of the ages and thus anything goes, which means shooting into close combat is allowed.
  • Players will first roll to hit using their full Ballistic Skill. For each successful Hit roll, roll a dice to determine which combatant locked in Close Combat is wounded. Then roll a dice to determine if a wound was inflicted.
  • While in Close Combat models will have a 4+ cover save that can not be negated by the Ignore Cover USR,
  •  All wounds caused by a template or a blast template weapon will be randomly allocated as outlined above.
  • Any psychic powers targeting models in close combat will be randomly allocated to models as outlined above.


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