Warhammer 40k Kill Team Tournament for Wounded Warrior

Memorial day is a time that we take to pause as a nation to member those that took an oath of service. A time to remember the brave that fought for our freedom, their enduring sacrifices and those that fell in the line of combat. Jay’s Cd & Hobby will proudly be sponsoring a Warhammer 40K Kill Team Tournament so that we as a community can help those that now need our help.  

Registration for the event is open at the Facebook page located here. Our goal is to have at least 40 people to attend, but more than that are welcome. The event tentative date is for May 17th at 11AM, with dice dropping at 11:30 sharp. Entry fee is $15 that is non-refundable, of which 100% will go to Wounded Warrior cause. If any attendees wish to make additional donations that is completely welcome and greatly appreciated.

Additional rules will be handed out at the time of the event.  Visit the Facebook page / here for changes/questions.