Warhammer 40K APOCALYPSE !!!!

Registration for this event is now closed.  Thank you to the 20 or so attendees that signed up. Check back often for updates about this event.

Update #1. Since this event will be rather lengthy, a break may be needed. As of now there is a suggestion around 2am. This is a concern for those driving from out of town. A few players that live in town have offered a place to stay. Please post concerns and suggestions.


Warhammer 40K Apocalypse invades Jay’s Cd and Hobby on March 8th & 9th.  The  event will begin at 7pm Saturday night and carries over to Sunday. An entry fee of $7 is required to be paid by February 23rd.  This money will be used for food and drink while the event is taking place.  As of now this event is being planned for 75,000 points per side and is a Good vs Evil format.  If more people sign up for the even, the points will be expanded.

Event rules and Guidelines:

  • Models requirements:
    • Models can not be proxied/”count as” and WYSIWYG will be enforced.
    • Converted models are permitted but again WYSIWYG.
    • Scratch built models WILL BE accepted.  However they must be easily identifiable to what the model is.  I.E. – a B17 model can not be qualified as a Thunderhawk
    • Models do not have to be painted or based.  But we all know that painted units are the first to die 🙂
    • SUPERHEAVIES as of now there is no limit to how many each team can field. However this may change as too many D weapons may spoil the game.
    • Unique Character clarification.  Each side will need to communicate amoungst themselves to determine who will be fielding which Unique Independent Characters, as only 1 from each army will be permitted.   This will eliminate from having multiple Dragos, Abaddons, Keeper of Secrets, Ghazghkulls, Etc.
  • Fortifications, buildings and terrain:
    • Purchased fortifications are not allows, I.E. – Aegis Line, Sky Shield, Etc.
    • If you want to bring terrain for this event that would be appreciated.
  • Rule Books:
    • You must have a copy of the current 40K rule book, Apocalypse rule books,  Codex(s) of the army that you are playing, Errata(s) and FAQ(s).
      • Electronic format of books/supplements will be accepted but you must bring a device for reference.  No device/reference material don’t field it, it’s that simple.
    • Dataslates are permitted. Yes that does mean the evil team may use Cypher – See unique Independent Character for clarification.
    • Supplement Codex(s) rules are be permitted,
    • ForgeWorld models are permitted – you MUST bring the current version of the data sheets/rule books for clarification.
    • Formations from all Apocalypse books will be permitted. Copies of the older formations is permitted for reference, however rules will be resolved according to the current 6th edition Apocalypse rules.
      • Only Strategic Assets from the current Apocalypse rule book and Supplements will be allowed to be used.
  • Gaming aids you will need:
    • Dice – lots of them.
    • Tape measure.
      • If you have a vehicle that has a range of 160″+ be ready to measure that distance.
    • Apocalypse templates – provided that you bring something that needs them.
  • General questions
    • Setup time will be determined by a silent bid. The team with the lowest time will setup first. Any units not deployed will be in reserve.  Yes the other team can still steal the initiative.
  • General conduct:
    • This is a lock in event.  Therefore if you leave while the event is still taking place you are leaving for the night and will not be re-admitted in for the event.
    • If you are under the age of 18 please bring your parent in on a Sunday to meet with the group and to sign off for permission for this event.
    • If your behavior is deemed unacceptable you will be required to leave.
    • We all came to play a huge battle, be respectful and pay attention so the game flow is pleasant for everyone.
  • A team captain for each side will be elected from the participants registered for this event.
    • Their word will be final so be sure to work out strategies with them or else your whole team may suffer.
  • Any rule issues will be resolved by the Event Organizer.
  • Food
    • The entrance fee will be used to purchase Pizza, pop and coffee.  Anything besides that you will be responsible for purchasing.
  • Clean up.
    • All people that participate will be asked to help clean up after this event.  There is just too far much stuff for one person to do and we will be all tired when this event concludes.

Update note:

As of now there are 8 players on the evil side and 9 lined up for the good side of the table, with Evil still leading  with more points to field.  If you plan on attending this event, stop in Sunday to see Curtis to pay the $7 entry fee.

For those attending the Apocalypse game. There will be some house rules implemented for this event. These rules will help balance out game play for everyone and hopefully make it a bit more balanced.

These added rules can be downloaded here:
http://wikisend.com/download/978888/Apocalypse – Outlander Edition.pdf

Two updates to these rules. Superheavy fliers will still have jink saves.  All successful invul save against a D weapons will be re-rolled.  D weapons will still ignore cover saves and of course armor saves.

Further discussion on this event will be addressed here.