DC’s Villain’s Month

DC comics severely underestimated the demand for the 3D covers for their Villain’s Month. With that said, this is how we will be handling the 3D covers:

  • Pull-list customers will have the first opportunity to get the 3D covers.
  • Everyone who have the titles in their pull list will have the regular 2D cover issues in their box. That way, you’ll get the issue(s) whether you want the 3D covers or not.
  • IF you want a 3D cover AND if you have the title in your pull list, you can request the 3D cover from behind the counter. First come, first serve. Quantities will be limited.
  • We will reserve the 3D covers for pull-list customers for ONE FULL WEEK AFTER RELEASE.
  • The remaining covers after one week of release will be made available for general sale in the store.