Sunday Warhammer 40K

Sunday July 14th was a huge success!!

An epic scenario went down that consisted of 12,000 points of Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids, Eldar, Space Marines, Orks, Dark Angels and Imperial Guard – on just 3 boards!  But that wasn’t enough to make this event epic so 6,000 points of Necrons decided to show up and show why the galaxy will burn.  This was a great primer for Apocalypse events that will happen later this year.  Book mark for more information on this upcoming event.

Thank you to all the players that attended who made this event epic!

There has been such a good response of people coming in to plays Jays that we are now setting up to play @ 11 and stopping @ 6.  I encourage anyone that wants to stop in and play to do so.  Young, old, new or a veteran there is always someone to play a game with, trade hobby tips or share gaming stories with.