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Looking to expand your army, but don’t need another Warhammer 40,000 Starter Set? Here’s the part you need to expand your Primaris Space Marines!

From the Dark Imperium starter set comes a quick-to build battle-force at a reasonable price. This bundle includes all the Primaris Space Marines models from a Dark Imperium starter set, their bases and decals, the instructions for building them, and the Primaris Space Marines rules-and-background booklet.

In this bundle, you’ll find 22 Primaris Space Marines clad in Mark X power armour, who can be painted as any Chapter you please:
– 1 Primaris Space Marine Captain, resplendent in cloak and iron halo, holding aloft a master-crafted power sword in one hand and wielding a boltstorm gauntlet on the other;
– 2 Primaris Space Marine Lieutenants, one armed with a power sword and bolt pistol, featuring a standard helmeted head, the other an auto bolt rifle and bolt pistol, featuring a bare head;
– 1 Primaris Space Marine Ancient carrying an Adeptus Astartes banner, wielding a bolt rifle and bolt pistol;
– 2 5-man Primaris Space Marine Intercessor Squads – the heart of a Primaris Space Marines army – armed with bolt rifles and bolt pistols;
– 1 3-man Primaris Space Marine Inceptor Squad – shock troops who slam into the fight with jump packs screaming – armed with assault bolters;
– 1 5-man Primaris Space Marine Hellblaster Squad – the finest marksmen, able to lay low entire armies on their own – armed with plasma – incinerators and bolt pistols.
– A 24-page book contains the rules and background for the Primaris Space Marines;
– The pages of the Dark Imperium construction guide pertaining to the Primaris Space Marines;
– A decal sheet for the Primaris Space Marines featuring Hellblaster, Intercessor and Inceptor iconography, and chapter markings for the following Chapters: Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves.

Bundle does not include the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook, nor any other accessories for the game.

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