HeroClix Calendar for September 2014

Monday Night Scenarios – South Side

Monday, September 8- 300 point Modern Age

Monday, September 15- 500 point Golden Age

Monday, September 22-  “May the best Theme Team Win”

  • Build a 500 point, 5 figure, non-generic Theme Team

Monday, September 29- 1000 point Modern Age

  • No figures under 100 points.
  • 5 Actions Max

Friday Events for Jay’s at Valley West Mall
7:30pm – 11:00pm

Friday September 5th – 500 Points Modern

  • No Resources
  • No Relics
  • Strict Highlander Rule – You may play only one figure of a specific name.  You are allowed to play multiple generics.
  • Entities, Theme Teams, and ATA’s are allowed.

Friday September 12th – Booster Draft ($11.00)

Friday September 19th – Play that tune

  • 500 Point Silver Age
  • All characters on your team must represent a song (Special Prize to the best song)

Friday August 26th – Colossal or Team

  • 900 Point Plastic
  • Each team must contain either one team base or one colossal  2×2 or larger (You cannot play both)
  • The rest of your team construction is to be 1×1 sized characters.

Sunday Events in August

War of Light Month 4 – Sunday September 21st at Jay’s Southeast 14th Street Location Noon – 5pm

  • Cost $30.00
  • Each Player will receive 2 War of Light Wave 2 Boosters
  • Each Player will build a sealed force of 400 points from their boosters
  • We will play 3 – 4 rounds (depending on the number of participants)
  • Each Player will receive participation prizes of an LE, Construct and a Map
Con In Your Store Reschedule Coming Soon (Some progress has been made)

Yu-Gi-Oh – EVENT Coming in October

Jay’s CD & Hobby HeroClix Ages Defined:
  • Golden Age: Any Character, Feat, Object, Resource Dial, or Battlefield Condition are allowed.
  • Plastic Age (aka: Golden Age Restricted): Any character and standard objects. No ATAs, Battlefields, Feats, Special Objects, Bystanders or Resource Dials are allowed.
  • Silver Age: All characters, objects and Resource Dials from Legion of Super Heroes forward are allowed. No Battlefields or Feats are allowed.
  • Modern Age: As of July 1, 2013 – All characters, objects and Resource Dials from Superman/Halo forward are allowed. No Battlefields or Feats are allowed.